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JUST README --[i]-- IPv6 Hackit Feature Content of this hackit : 1. Host enumeration tools 2. TCP port scanner tools 3. Googling tools 4. Gaining IPv6 DNS record tools 5. IPv6 exploitation on single or massive hosts 6. Getting shell from binding shellcode payloads 7. Getting shell from reverse shallcode payloads 8. Binding backdoor --[ii]-- Getting Started Get this tools from --[iii]-- Compilation Compilation isn't needed since this tools using perl intrepeter language. Just simply extract source code! --[iv]-- Usage To run this perl ipv6 hackit, your box must be completed with some perl module. You can install them using cpan, this following modules are required: 1. strict 2. warnings 3. Switch 4. English 5. Net::DNS 6. POSIX 7. Getopt::Long 8. LWP::UserAgent 9. HTTP::Message 10. IO::Socket::INET6 You may learn how to use this tool by reading files in how-to directory. --[v]-- Copyright Ph03n1X (c) 2010
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